You should carefully read and abide by the entire contents of this agreement before applying to become an Dolfix Vendor and open the relevant categories of Dolfix (hereinafter referred to as “category”). Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the terms of each clause, especially those highlighted in bold, underline or red, including but not limited to the terms of exemption or restriction of Dolfix, and the restrictions on your rights. Dispute resolution, jurisdiction and legal applicable provisions. If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement, please contact us through the Dolfix Contact Us form, and Dolfix will explain the terms to you. If you do not agree to any of the terms of this Agreement, or if you cannot accurately understand the terms of the Dolfix, please do not follow up. Otherwise, the legal entity corresponding to the Dolfix account you have used has accepted the terms and conditions described below and agrees to be bound by this Agreement.


Dolfix Business Service Agreement


Release date: January 8, 2018

This agreement is provided by the seller user (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”, “Seller” or “You”) and Dolfix DX-Market PVT LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) , Party B are also collectively referred to as ““we””, “platform” or “Express Sell”.

First contractual background

1.1 In order to regulate the seller’s business operations in various categories when operating in the category and accepting Dolfix services, clarify the rights and obligations of sellers, create a standardized and orderly trading order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of sellers and buyers. Comply with this agreement.

1.2 In addition to this agreement, you should still abide by the agreements such as “DOLFIX.COM Membership Agreement”, and “Conditions to Use” signed at the time of account registration (hereinafter referred to as “Platform User Agreement”).

Second definition

2.1 Dolfix Platform: refers to the e-commerce platform provided by Party B and its affiliates to provide Internet information services and related software and technical support. The website address is

2.2 Category: Refers to the Dolfix platform, which divides the platform into different business categories (including special categories) according to operational and risk control requirements. Each major category (including special categories) is based on its own operating strategy and brand positioning. Implement investment promotion. The specific investment rules announced by the Dolfix platform shall prevail. Each business category implements independent investment promotion.

2.3 Category Service\Service: It refers to Dolfix. According to the User Agreement and this Agreement, it provides Internet information publishing services and technical services related to this for your various activities in the Dolfix platform. Among them, Party B provides you with technical services related to Internet information services; and related technical services related to transactions are provided by Dolfix affiliates.

2.4 Service Opening: Refers to the process of allowing sellers to publish goods in different categories, use category services, and notify sellers.

2.5 Market Management Measures: refers to Dolfix in order to maintain the orderly operation of the Dolfix market. For the seller’s breach of contract violations, including but not limited to the removal of goods, restrictions on the release of goods, temporary suspension of category services, clearing The account is frozen, the account is closed.

2.6 Clearance process: When the seller applies, Dolfix or other co-terminating conditions, the seller immediately enters the clearing process, Dolfix will terminate the provision of category services to the seller and take corresponding market management measures, the seller must The agreement or relevant rules stipulate the completion of the corresponding obligations and matters; the clearing process is divided into category retreat and platform retreat.

Article 3 Agreement Effective and Applicable Scope

3.1 You voluntarily apply to join the Dolfix category, and Dolfix provides you with a category service in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

3.2 You click through the web page to confirm or otherwise choose to accept this agreement, including but not limited to not confirming this agreement but joining the Dolfix category, using category services (such as publishing products, signing up for platform marketing activities, reaching online By transaction, etc., you agree to accept all the contents of this agreement.

3.3 The contents of this agreement include the text of the agreement, the attachment, the Dolfix Platform Rules ( Conditions to Use ), all Dolfix Various types of rules, announcements, etc. that have been published or may be released in the future (hereinafter collectively referred to as “this agreement”). This Agreement is binding and complementary to the legal relationship between the Platform and the User.

3.4 Dolfix has the right to formulate and revise this Agreement from time to time in accordance with the operational needs of the Platform; if there are any changes, Dolfix will notify you by means of website announcement, station letter,  Want instant message or email. After the change, this Agreement will become effective after the publication of the prescribed reasonable period of time and is binding on you. If you do not agree to the change, you should immediately stop using the category service; if you continue to use the category service, you are deemed to have no objection to the revised agreement and agree to abide by it.

3.5 You understand and agree that signing this Agreement does not necessarily mean that you will be allowed to open the category service. Dolfix will conduct a comprehensive review based on your service quality, product quality and brand tonality, whether to open the service to express the Dolfix or to specifically open The relevant permissions shall prevail.

3.6 This Agreement shall become effective on the date of your signature.

Article 4 Category Service Opening and Term

4.1 The category service is opened within fifteen (15) business days after the following conditions are met:

4.1.1 The seller signs the “DOLFIX.COM Membership Agreement”and “Conditions of Use” and registers as an Dolfix member;

4.1.2 The seller shall abide by the “2018 Seller Investment and Operational Assessment Standard Rules” ( “2018 Merchants Rules” ), which is effective when the application category is approved ;

4.1.3 The seller signs this agreement;

4.1.4 The seller submits relevant information and materials according to different category requirements, and is approved by Dolfix;

4.1.5 The seller has paid the annual fee for the technical service of the application category;

4.1.6 Dolfix sends a service opening notice to the seller.

4.2 Dolfix has the right to independently decide whether to apply for your category service based on the comprehensive factors such as platform operation, industry development and consumer interests. You agree that Dolfix’s relevant judgment is based on Dolfix’s trade secrets. Therefore, Dolfix does not need to give reasons for rejecting your application, nor is it responsible. As one of the possible circumstances, if you or your actual controller, related parties, or the actual controller of the related party are using other services of the platform, or when using other services of Dolfix, they have been sold for malicious, speculative, Dolfix has the right to refuse to open a class for fraud, long-term sale of inferior goods, which seriously affects the interests of consumers, or has been punished by certain serious violations through malicious complaints or other serious violations of transaction security. Service.

Article 5 Annual fee and commission

5.1 annual fee

5.1.1 Dolfix affiliates provide trading technical services for online transactions of sellers and buyers in accordance with the “Conditions to Use” Agreement. For this purpose, the technical service fees ( “commissions” ) will be charged proportionally to the transactions reached by the sellers according to the published charging standards . The specific commissions and charges are processed by the Dolfix affiliates in accordance with your platform user agreement.

5.1.2 The annual fee is charged according to the category (business category) in which the seller’s shop is stationed. If the seller registers one or more stores and settles in multiple categories (operating large categories), it should be in accordance with the corresponding category (operating category). Pay an annual fee separately. The annual fee for different categories can be found on the page (

5.1.3 For special brands under certain categories, due to management differences, the annual fee for special brand technical services (“Brand Technical Service Annual Fee”) must be paid outside the annual fee. Specifically based on the payment page display

5.1.4 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the annual fee and the annual fee for brand technical services shall be paid by the seller before the opening of various categories of service authority. Sellers who have opened the category service authority may enjoy the platform annual fee rebate under the relevant conditions as stipulated in Article 5.3.

5.1.5 Dolfix has the right to adjust the annual fee, and Dolfix will notify you of the adjusted amount as soon as possible by means of an announcement, or by e-mail or other written notice. If you fail to make a payment within fourteen (14) business days of receipt of the notice, Dolfix will have the right to immediately notify you of the termination of the category service or termination of this agreement.

5.2 Annual fee incentive policy:

5.2.1 Platforms For the high-quality seller shops that have a good service quality and a growing business scale at the end of the year, will be rewarded conditionally at the end of  each year, and the reward will be 50% or 100% of the actual annual fee.

5.2.2 The annual fee refund shall be calculated according to the month you actually operate in 2018 (that is, you open the category service authority until December 31, 2018). The specific amount is subject to the statistics of Dolfix system.

5.2.3 The incentive method for the annual fee of brand technical service refers to the brand annual sales indicator, which rewards 50% or 100% of the actual annual fee. The specific standards can be found in the platform’s additional orientation to inform the seller of the criteria. The annual fee refund is calculated according to the actual operating period in that particular year, and the specific amount is subject to the Dolfix statistics.

5.3 Annual fee settlement

5.3.1 Dolfix will perform the year of termination of this Agreement or the period during which the Seller withdraws from a particular category, in accordance with the period during which the Service is actually used (this period includes the period during which the Seller is penalized, suspended or restricted for category service authority in accordance with the Platform Rules). Settlement of fees.

5.3.2 The annual fee is settled according to the natural month, and the billing starts from the month after payment. If the seller has actually operated for less than one year and there is no account for any breach of contract and violation of the regulations, Dolfix will be calculated according to the actual period of residence (calculated according to the natural month, less than one month, one month) Withdrawal from the current month is not charged) deducting the annual fee and returning the year of the service period.

5.3.3 You are at any time due to violation of  any country or other applicable laws and regulations, this Agreement, the Conditions to Use Agreement, the Merchants Rules, or the falsification of any statement, guarantee of falsehood, qualifications and/or any supporting documents. Dolfix has the right not to return all annual fees for this category if it is sold out of the category or early withdrawal of the category.

5.1 Commission

5.1.1 Dolfix and its affiliates will charge you a technical service fee ( “commission” ) for online transactions in accordance with the charging standards published on the website , specific commissions and collections by Dolfix affiliates and you in accordance with the platform User protocol processing.

5.1.2 You acknowledge and agree that Dolfix  does not have any control or liability for products or services that are paid through our Trading Services. We cannot guarantee that the buyer or seller that deals with you will actually complete the transaction, nor will it ensure that the products or services paid through our trading services are innocent.

5.1.3 Dolfix The related party reserves the right to add, cancel or modify any commission after a reasonable period of publicity, based on the relevant technical services provided.

Article 6 Dolfix’s obligations and platform control

6.1 Dolfix is obliged to maintain the normal operation of various types of services on the existing technology, so that the business activities of the merchants in the categories added can be carried out smoothly. However, Dolfix can only provide technical services on the basis of “goodwill”, “existing technology”, “provided status” and “no guarantee”, and Dolfikx does not always provide timely and error-free trading services. No representations or warranties are made of interruptions or malfunctions, nor are they responsible for such issues.

6.2 If the Seller breaches this Agreement or the Conditions to Use Agreement, or Dolfix has reason to suspect that any actions or operations performed or likely by the Seller will violate this Agreement or the Conditions to Use Agreement, and such violations harm the interests of the Buyer or the Platform, Selling has the right to implement market management measures for the seller’s account, the store and other Dolfix accounts that it actually controls. Specific market management measures include, but are not limited to, warnings, deductions, suspensions (frozen) or stop (quasi) category services, freezing of trading services under seller accounts, etc.

6.3 In addition to the existing platform rules, Dolfix has the right to formulate and revise rules and regulations such as various types of business management practices from time to time to maintain the normal operation of various purposes. Dolfix shall make a public announcement before a reasonable period of time before the above rules become effective or changed. If you do not agree to the relevant rules or adjustments, you should stop using the category service immediately during the public notice period.

6.4 Dolfix has the right to adjust the type and quantity of goods that can be released by your store under various categories according to the seller and various types of operations, the need for platform management and operation. Dolfix should make a public announcement before a reasonable period of time before making such adjustments. If you do not agree to the adjustment, you should stop using the category service immediately during the public notice period.

6.5 Dolfix cannot and does not pre-screen sellers for transactions on the Dolfix platform and other transactions related to the transaction. However, if Dolfix has reason to suspect that the seller is engaged in or may engage in any violation of this agreement or platform user agreement, harming the interests of the buyer or Dolfix, the Dolfix has the right to conduct a review and request the seller to provide Proof of material, the seller should give reasonable cooperation. If the seller is unable or refuses to provide the certification materials, Dolfix has the right to implement market management measures for the seller’s account, the store and other Dolfix accounts it actually controls, including but not limited to warnings, deductions, suspensions (freezing) or Stop (scheduled) category services, freeze transaction services under the seller’s account, freeze account balances until the end of the order dispute or close the store.

6.6 In order to protect the trading order of the platform and the interests of consumers, Dolfix has the right to sell (or will sell) the goods to the seller whether it has a legal source of goods, whether it is a genuine inspection, including the seller to provide the corresponding documents, to show Check the relevant goods by name or anonymously, and submit the goods to a third party for inspection. Dolfix has the right to independently and independently judge the legal compliance of the goods based on the results of the inspection of the goods, and/or the materials and information submitted by you, and to perform the processing according to this agreement in accordance with the relevant judgment. In this regard, the merchant may object to the inspection, random inspection and identification results of Dolfix or its employed third party and provide corresponding supporting materials, but Dolfix has the right to make the final judgment independently.

6.7 Dolfix has the right to implement market management measures according to the buyer’s feedback (the average score of DSR product description, store dispute rate, favorable rate, etc.) for the seller’s shop that seriously affects the buyer’s experience, including but not Limited to warnings, deductions, suspension or suspension (approved) category services, freezing of trading services under seller accounts, freezing account balances, canceling or restricting early lending functions, or closing stores.

6.8 Dolfix has the right to issue quality control standards for various purposes according to the product quality standards of the place of production, place of sale, importation or other areas, and to establish the requirements for the entry and inspection of sellers’ products according to these standards.

6.9 In the event of a dispute between the seller and the seller, the seller shall deal with it in accordance with the relevant agreement of the Platform User Agreement. At the same time, in order not to hinder the effectiveness of the platform user agreement, in order to enhance the user experience, the platform and its related parties provide the seller with the agency service under the specific seller dispute ( “after-sales service” ), that is, the seller’s interest to the platform or its The related party funds compensate the buyer. The seller agrees that the agency service is purely beneficial, and the platform has absolute autonomy to decide whether, when, and how to perform to the seller, and has the right to modify the rules of the after-sales service in the platform rules from time to time by means of announcement. In order to avoid ambiguity, after-sales service does not exempt the seller from any obligation to perform the platform user agreement, this agreement and laws and regulations under any circumstances, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, innocent goods, after-sales, consumer protection and other obligations. And responsibility.

Article 7 Seller’s Commitment and Guarantee

7.1 You have the legal, innocent rights and capabilities to conclude this Agreement and use the category services and conduct related categories of online transactions.

.2 comply with the principles of honesty and fairness and fair competition in business, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers, and not engage in any transactions that are false, false, contrary to public order or corrupt the market environment of Dolfix, including but not limited to accurately describing goods and Transaction information, not publishing, selling counterfeit goods, parallel imports and any goods that may infringe the intellectual property rights or legal rights of third parties, not publishing or selling goods that may have quality defects, not publishing non-designated categories of goods under the specified categories, not Any express or implied method leads the buyer to enter into a sale and purchase transaction with you in other channels other than the platform.

7.3 In accordance with the Platform User Agreement, this Agreement, your commitments to the Buyer and relevant laws and regulations, the purchase and sale transactions concluded with the Buyer shall be effectively performed, and the goods subject to the warranty shall be subject to the obligations of quality assurance, service and after-sales in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

7.4 In the process of applying for and using the category service, all information provided to the platform is legal, authentic, accurate and effective (including but not limited to communication with you in time). The above information includes but is not limited to the information and related materials of the business entity, the email address of the business entity, the contact number, the contact address, and the zip code. When any information changes, you are obliged to immediately contact the platform and update the platform with relevant information and information.

7.5 Any content you submit to the Platform, including but not limited to the images and texts submitted for participation in the marketing activities organized by the Platform, are legal and valid and do not infringe any rights of any third party.

7.7 No commercial use of any data on Dolfix, including but not limited to the storage of the Dolfix platform by means of copying, technical crawling (capture), mirroring, etc. without prior written approval from Dolfix Any information and data on it and sold to the public or third parties for transmission purposes for direct or indirect commercial purposes.

Article 8 Obligations of the seller

8.1 Pay the annual fee, brand technical service annual fee and commission in accordance with this agreement, and abide by the commitments and guarantees stipulated in this agreement.

8.2 Comply with the Conditions to Use Agreement, this Agreement, and the origin of the goods or other applicable laws and regulations, especially the laws and regulations on the quality of goods, intellectual property rights and consumer rights protection, including but not limited to, according to the relevant EU national laws It is stipulated that the buyer of the EU country who purchased your goods shall be provided for 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods (if there are multiple items in the order, the date of receipt of the last item) or a reasonably long return according to law. Service, 2 years or a longer term warranty under local law. In fulfilling the above 2-year commodity warranty service, the seller is aware of and shall bear the freight paid by the buyer for the repair of the goods according to law, and at the same time, it may be subject to legal requirements for the return of goods with quality defects.

8.3 Accepting Dolfix is based on the maintenance of the market and the protection of the buyer’s rights and interests for the purpose of product quality sampling and authenticity identification (including but not limited to the selection of independent third-party quality inspection agencies or brand rights holders for identification, order cooperation logistics company assistance Sampling, etc.). When Dolfix is required to check whether the seller sells the goods with legal origin and is true, the seller is obliged to retain and present the evidence of the legal source of the relevant goods. For those who are unable to provide legal source documents, Dolfix will judge the authenticity of the goods according to the actual situation, and the merchants agree to bear the unfavorable consequences of this evidence according to this agreement.

Article 9 Liability for breach of contract

9.1 Except as otherwise agreed in this Agreement, if Seller violates relevant laws and regulations, the Conditions to Use Agreement or the provisions of this Agreement, Dolfikx will suffer any losses, claim by Buyer or other users, any third party, or any administrative For the punishment of the department, the seller shall bear the liability for damages to Dolfix, including but not limited to the liquidated damages or compensations that Dolfix is required to pay against any third party, and the refunds paid by the seller to the buyer on behalf of the seller. , liquidated damages or compensation, the amount of administrative punishment imposed by Dolfix, the lawyer’s fees paid by Dolfix, and the necessary expenses for eliminating the impact.

9.2 When the seller has any expiry date to Dolfix, unless otherwise agreed, the seller shall pay Dolfix a penalty of 5 thousandths of the daily unpaid amount from the date of overdue.

Article 10 Confidentiality

10.1 The secret information referred to in this Agreement includes, but is not limited to, the contents of this Agreement, any supplemental agreement and the secret information of the seller or the platform (“secret information”) during the cooperation process. The secret information includes but is not limited to the commercial information of any party, Organization information, personnel information, business plans or arrangements, technical solutions or other technical information. Any confidential information may not be disclosed, transmitted or displayed to any third party in any way, in part or in part, without the consent of the source. Within one year after the termination of this Agreement, either party to the Agreement shall be subject to the confidentiality obligations under this clause.

10.2 The disclosure party shall not be liable for the disclosure of secret information by the state’s administrative and judicial requirements. If the trade secret is not known to the public for the reasons of the information acquisition party, the disclosure party shall not be liable.

Article 11 Anti-Commercial Bribery

11.1 If the seller, seller employee, shareholder, legal representative, actual controller or affiliated enterprise is found to provide physical, cash, cash equivalents, labor, tourism, etc. to employees or consultants of Dolfix or Dolfix affiliates Benefits beyond the scope of normal contacts can be considered as sellers’ commercial bribery.

11.2 In the event of the above, Dolfix has the right to immediately terminate all cooperation with the seller (including but not limited to cooperation based on this agreement) and collect the penalty from the seller for RMB 10,000, which cannot cover the loss of the liquidated damages. The right to receive compensation, the amount of compensation is based on the economic losses and loss of goodwill suffered by Dolfix due to the seller’s bribery.

Article 12 Disclaimer and Limited Liability

12.1 You expressly understand and agree that Dolfix will provide category services in the “as is” and “as available” status. Dolfikx will do its utmost to provide appropriate security measures based on existing technology to ensure the security and normal operation of the service. However, due to possible computer viruses, network communication failures, system maintenance and other factors and possible force majeure events, Dolfix specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties for the Services, including but not limited to Applicability, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, and suitability for a particular use.

12.2 You understand and agree that Dolfix is not liable for any damages resulting from any of the following conditions, including but not limited to damages for profits, goodwill, use, data, etc. or other intangible losses (regardless of Whether Dolfix has been informed of the possibility of such damages):

12.2.1 Dolfix and its affiliates are not judicial bodies. They can only conduct surface audit and identification of evidence materials submitted by you and buyers at the level of knowledge of ordinary or non-professionals during intervention. You should ensure that you submit The authenticity and legality of the evidence materials, and bear the risks and responsibilities of the information provided by you or the buyer, the data is not true. If you suffer losses, you agree to claim from the beneficiary yourself. If Dolfix and its affiliates mediate any disputes, you understand and agree that such mediation is entirely based on your entrustment, and Dolfix and its affiliates cannot guarantee that the outcome of the transaction dispute will meet your expectations and that there will be no disputes over the transaction. The results of the mediation and the margin payment decision (if any) bear any responsibility.

12.2.2 All the responsibilities of Dolfix and its affiliates in connection with this Agreement and as a result of the signing and performance of this Agreement, whether related to breach of contract or infringement, whether due to intention or negligence, Whether you have paid any fees to Dolfix, under no circumstances should it exceed RMB 1,000, which does not affect Dolfix’s other agreements with Dolfix under this Agreement, Dolfix, and Dolfix rules. The right to exemption and limitation of liability.

Article 13 Termination of the agreement

13.1 Natural termination:

13.1.1 This Agreement will automatically terminate upon expiration.

13.2 Termination early. Dolfix reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in advance by notice in any of the following circumstances.

13.2.1 This Agreement is automatically terminated if any Conditions to Use Agreement between you and Dolfix terminates for any reason.

13.2.2 Any party to the Agreement may terminate this Agreement without giving any responsibility by thirty (30) days written notice. In order to avoid ambiguity, if the seller clicks the “Apply Exit” button online or submits the category request in any way, the seller will be deemed to have submitted a written notice to terminate this agreement, and the seller will immediately enter the clearing process.

13.2.3 Dolfix has the right to immediately terminate the provision of category services and/or this Agreement without any liability in the event of any of the following circumstances, and has the right not to refund the unused annual fee:

l You fail to pay the annual fee on time and have not paid within the time limit set by Dolfix;

l The information or documents you submit to the platform are untrue, illegal, expired or the seller cannot prove the authenticity, legality and validity of the information or documents;

l You violate any of the promises and guarantees under Article 7 and cannot be corrected within a reasonable period of time. In order to avoid ambiguity, if you violate the 7.1, 7.4, 7.7 commitments and guarantees, the platform has the right to immediately terminate the provision of category services and / and this agreement without any responsibility, and does not refund the unused annual fee.

l You violate the tenth (confidential), eleven (commercial bribery) agreement.

l You are stopped by the Dolfix (quasi) category service for violating the platform user agreement and platform rules.

l · You are seriously violating the Merchants Rules.

l · You have seriously violated the agreement with any affiliate of Dolfix.

l You have not logged in to Dolfix with an Dolfix account and password for more than 180 days (180) days.

l The termination or completion of other termination conditions specified in this Agreement will result in the termination of this Agreement.

13.3 Unless otherwise agreed, if the seller has not fulfilled all the opening conditions specified in 4.1 within fifteen (15) business days after signing or accepting this agreement online, or Dolfix may issue a notice of refusal to provide services to the seller for any reason. , Dolfix has the right not to open the service and / or terminate this agreement. If the service is terminated without the opening of this agreement, Dolfix will not be liable for any breach of contract or liability.

13.4 Matters handling after termination of the agreement:

13.4.1 After the termination of this Agreement, Dolfix is not obligated to retain any information or information relating to or related to the category services in the Account, or to forward any information to any third party, and not to terminate the Agreement. Or any third party assumes any responsibility.

13.4.2 Notwithstanding the termination of this Agreement for any reason, Seller shall be solely and independently responsible for any compensation or liability resulting from the act prior to the termination of the Agreement.

13.4.3 The seller has uploaded information to the goods of various purposes, and Dolfix has the right to delete any and all relevant information of the goods after the seller withdraws from the various items or after the termination of this agreement.

13.4.4 If the seller has entered into a transaction agreement with another Dolfix buyer for a commodity information, Dolfix has the right to decide whether to cancel the transaction. Dolfix has the right to notify the buyer of the transaction of the termination of this agreement.

13.5 Clearance process:

13.5.1 The seller shall enter the clearance process immediately upon application for termination or Dolfix to terminate the provision of various types of services or/and this service agreement, the seller shall be within 20 days:

l Processing all completed transactions;

l Handling any violations or breaches of contract disputes, infringement disputes, etc.;

l Any penalties imposed have been completed and the compensation payable has been paid;

l There are no other violations or matters that need to be fulfilled according to any agreement rules.

13.5.2 After entering the clearing process, Dolfix has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of some or all of the categories of services to you.

13.5.3 The seller can apply for the settlement of various annual bills after completing the various types of clearing procedures. If the annual fee is refunded, it will be returned to you within thirty (30) working days after the seller withdraws from the various categories. If terminated by this Agreement, it will be returned to you within thirty (30) business days of the termination of this Agreement.

Article 14 Notice

14.1 When you accept the category and accept the Dolfix platform service, you should ensure that the contact information provided in the seller’s back office (including your email address, contact number, contact address, etc.) is true and valid, and the contact information is changed. You are obligated to update the information in a timely manner and maintain a status that can be contacted.

14.2 The member account (including sub-account) generated by you when you register for the Dolfix platform user to log in to the Dolfix platform receiving station internal mail, system messages, also serves as your effective contact method.

14.3 Dolfix will deliver various notices to you in one or more of the above contact methods, and the contents of such notices may have a significant or adverse effect on your rights and obligations. Please be sure to promptly attention.

14.4 Dolfix will notify you by means of the above contact information, including written notices electronically, including but not limited to, on the Dolfix platform announcement, sending a text message to the contact number provided to you, and providing you with an email. Send an e-mail to the address, send Want Want information, system message and station letter information to your account, which will be deemed to be delivered after successful delivery; written notice issued by paper carrier, according to the fifth address after the delivery of the contact address Nature Day is considered to be served.

14.5 For any dispute arising from trading activities on the Dolfix platform, you agree that the judiciary (including but not limited to the people’s court) may serve the law by SMS, email or other modern means of communication or by post. Instruments (including but not limited to litigation documents). The mobile phone number, e-mail address that you specify to receive legal documents is the mobile phone number, e-mail contact information, and that you provide when you register and update Dolfix. The judicial organ shall issue a legal instrument to the above-mentioned contact information as deemed to be served. The mailing address you specify is your legal contact address or a valid contact address provided by you.

14.6 You agree that the Judiciary may use one or more of the above methods of delivery to reach a legal document, and the Judiciary shall serve the legal documents in a variety of ways. The delivery time shall be the first of the above delivery methods.

14.7 You agree that the above delivery method applies to each stage of the judicial process. Such as entering the proceedings, including but not limited to the first instance, second instance, retrial, execution and supervision procedures.

14.8 You should ensure that the contact information provided is accurate, valid, and updated in real time. If the contact information provided is not accurate, or the contact information after the change is not promptly notified, the legal documents cannot be delivered or not delivered in time, and you may bear the legal consequences arising therefrom.

Article 15 Transfer of rights and obligations:

15.1 You agree that for the purposes of the Service, Dolfix may transfer, transfer, license, sublicense, or delegate to the Affiliated Company in whole or in part, in accordance with the rights and licenses granted under this Agreement. You may not assign any rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party without the prior written consent of Dolfix.

Article 16 Other Agreements

16.1 Matters not agreed or not covered by this Agreement shall be implemented by the parties in accordance with the Conditions to Use Agreement and other relevant provisions of the Dolfix Platform.

16.2 If any part of the terms or conditions of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, then part of the above terms or conditions may be separated and the remainder will still have legal effect.

16.3 The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India. As Dolfix and you dispute the signing, performance or interpretation of this Agreement, both parties shall endeavor to resolve it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, Dolfix and you agree to be under the jurisdiction of the High Court of India.


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